Ante Natal and Post Natal Pilates Classes

Many pregnant women wish to exercise during their pregnancy and Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise to do during and after pregnancy.

This is because Pilates is a controlled and a precise form of exercise, focusing on creating deep core strength and providing stabilisation of the spine and joints during functional movement.

If your abdominals and spine are strong, as well as flexible, they will support better posture and a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. Pilates is also excellent for helping new mums get their figures back after the birth of their baby and re-establishing core strength.

By doing Pilates during and after pregnancy you can keep ailments such as back pain caused or aggravated by the pregnancy at bay.


"I went to ante & post natal pilates both throughout my pregnancy and then after I had my baby. It kept me focused, alleviated any backache and helped me to get my core strength back after having the baby. Ismini has a thorough and safe approach and keeps an eye on you throughout"


Bromley, Kent

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