Pilates is an exercise method that conditions all parts of the body by lengthening and strengthening all the muscles giving the body a well-defined shape and targets the deep core muscles that are so important for good posture.

The method works on eight principles which concentrate the mind, facilitates correct breathing which increases lung capacity, improves circulation and bone density and promotes joint mobility. Pilates ensures that the right muscles are working, promoting precision and good quality of movement thus protecting the joints and correcting faulty movement patterns. It also increases core strength which assist with spinal stability and promotes good posture. If Pilates is practiced regularly your body benefits tenfold.

Pilates is very different to other exercise forms because it involves extensive knowledge of the skeletal and muscular framework of the body and how it works. It is therefore beneficial and very safe for those suffering with back problems, injuries, ante or post natal, post operative recovery as well as those who are fit and want to improve and maintain their fitness.

Pilates has grown enormously in popularity and continues to do so and is highly recommended by health practitioners and doctors, who consider it the way forward for rehabilitation and general well-being irrespective of age, as well as the ultimate workout for those wanting to greatly improve flexibility, strength and tone.


One to one sessions

One to One Pilates Classes KentA one to one assessment session is advisable before starting any Pilates programme so that Ismini can assess your individual needs, based on your postural analysis, medical history and any current ailments.

Why not book a series of one to one sessions for a personalised program to target your individual needs and for ultimate results.

Pilates for Men

A class for men of all abilities, concentrating on improving spinal alignment, building flexibility, core strength and muscular stamina. Suitable for all men.

Mat Based Pilates Classes

Mat based Pilates classes can be carried out in small groups which are a cost effective way to experience this most valuable exercise form.

Mat work with small equipment

This class builds on the strength and flexibility gained in the general mat work Pilates classes but incorporates the use of bands, toning circles, balls, light hand weights, spiky balls etc. Working against the resistance of these props provides you with a greater awareness of your body and its functionality.

Pilates on the ball and small equipment

Pilates on the ball challenges the core further as the instability of the ball encourages you to work your core harder. Using other small equipment such as bands, spiky balls and light weights also add to the intensity of your pilates program and encourages you to challenge your kinetic flow and joint mobility, while strengthening your core and all muscle groups.

Beginner Pilates

This class is designed for the client who has no or very little experience of Pilates. The aim of the class is to teach you the eight principles of Pilates and the fundamental exercises leading onto the full exercise programme by gradual progression.


Intermediate Pilates

This class is for the client who has been practicing Pilates for about 12-18 months, at least twice a week, and has a good understanding of the principles and fundamental exercises and is ready for a more challenging mat work class.

Advanced Pilates

This class is for the client who has been practising Pilates for at least two years and has mastered the entire intermediate programme and is ready to take that next step to the more challenging exercises. You will have good core strength and flexibility as well as muscular endurance.

Mixed Ability Classes

This class is for everyone and the exercises are modified and progressed according to the abilities of the group.

Pilates in the Circuit

Pilates in the Circuit takes your mat based Pilates program to the next level challenging your classic exercises on a variety of equipment such as the arc barrell, gymstick, oval balance pads, stability ball, small Pilates ball etc. If you haven't used some of this equipment then this is a good way to try it out. This class is suitable to those experienced in Pilates and who are at an intermediate/advanced level.

Bridal Pilates

Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding and spends so long planning her special day, so of course, you want to look stunning as you walk down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress and here is where Bridal Pilates can help; Pilates increases muscle strength thus increasing the amount of calories burned, Pilates tones and lengthens your muscles, improves your posture giving you more confidence to walk down the aisle on your big day!

Pilates relieves low back pain helping you get through the day and is an excellent way to tone your abdominals and gain definition in your arms without bulk, which is so often a bride's goal! Pilates is also an excellent way to relax through its unique breathing technique and flowing and concentrated movement, keeping your stress levels down in the build up to your big day! So why not treat yourself to a private session with Ismini Phillips and start your journey to an improved and healthy lifestyle.


"I'm a real convert to Pilates as I feel much more in tune with my body than I have ever felt. I certainly enjoy your classes and feel that I am learning all the time."



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